Our Academic Philosophy

We have both CBSE and SSC curriculum available. However, what sets us apart is the Integrated Concept Teaching approach that we follow. As a part of this approach, we integrate the CBSE and SSC curriculum to create a concept based learning atmosphere for the student. We make learning fun by pairing up class room teaching with different teaching aids, practical sessions, activities, etc. Our overall education philosophy is to make education a stress free activity where students enjoy learning. In fact, we have a dedicated outdoor study area where students can sit amidst mother nature and study.

We also have a state-of-the-art Library, Computer lab, Physics lab, Chemistry lab, Biology lab and a digital class for Audio/Visual based learning.

We have Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation in the form of Formative Assessments and Summative Assessments. These assessments take the shape of projects, slip tests, written work, reading and reflection, etc.

Apart from the customary Annual Day and Sports Day, we also conduct an annual science fest in the school to encourage our budding young ones.

We also have foundational IIT and Medicine courses for grade 6-10.

All these endeavors and practices form the backbone of our academic set-up.