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Improving Your Communication Skills Is Not As Tough As You Think!

  • Ms. Sameeha
  • 3 days ago

It is everyone’s wish to be able to communicate fluently, flawlessly and effectively. The Power of communication is one of the key traits of human personality. A lot of us are always aspiring to become better English Speakers but we give up too quickly. Remember, patience and practice will take you a long way.

1. LISTEN: Listen more and more! Listen to English videos like educational videos, English cartoons, songs etc. It is said that you want to become better writer, read more and if you want to become a better speaker, listen more

So when you attend English seminars or when you watch English video it will not only help you to develop your content but you also increase your awareness about various things. So the first thing is listen. Remember, we learnt our mother tongue by listening.

2. SPEAK: Speak whenever you get any opportunity even if it is in broken sentences. Take that opportunity and speak, speaking will help you to gain confidence. You will slowly notice that you are correcting yourself which is the first sign of success.

3. READ: Read as much as possible, reading will help you to build up your vocabulary, general knowledge and grammar. Read whatever you like- sports, entertainment, fashion, technology, anything, everything.

4. OBSERVE AND INTERPRET BODY LANGUAGE: Believe it or not but communication is more often non-verbal than verbal. Tone and body language play as important a role as words do. So when you are conversing, it is not only what you say that matters but also how you say it. So try and observe good speakers and try to emulate certain positive gestures and body language that makes you look like a more confident and approachable person.