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Bring Out The Mathematician In Your Child!

  • Ms. Sameeha
  • 5 days ago

India has made significant contribution in the evolution of Mathematics. Aryabhatta, Brahamagupta and Bhaskara are some of the famous mathematics from ancient India. Some of the most fundamental concepts of Mathematics like the concept of Zero and the decimal system came from India. There is Vedic Math which teaches various computation techniques through sutras (rules) and then there is significant work in the field of Algebra and Trigonometry too. These contributions only motivate us to find the mathematician in our children. Here are a few ways in which you can help your child excel in Mathematics:

Begin teaching your child with an interactive activity: You can use flashcards or a simple sheet of problems, there are tons of options. Give them a handful of small objects and let them use those to count out the answers to the problems. Make sure you also have them learn to use their fingers in case no objects are available.

Teach concepts, not just memorization: While memorization can certainly be helpful in case of learning facts like a formula, concepts can only be understood, not memorized. This way, they can also begin to apply their knowledge in other ways that will help them when they begin to move on to the more complicated mathematical concepts.

Continue to incorporate the concepts you’ve taught into fun things in real life: For example, measuring fractions when baking cookies, asking how many cats are at the pet store or how many showings of their new favorite movie are playing that day. These are small things that can go a long way. Bring up mathematical puzzles when you’re out with your child. Ask him/her to add the cost of all the items in your shopping cart or encourage him/her to calculate the service tax on your bill in the restaurant.

Play board games: Board games with two dice rolled instead of one can be a good application for learning basic addition. When they get older, games that use play money, like Monopoly, can help them learn more about adding and subtracting money.

Reward your child: Whether you give them a small chocolate or you just hug them and express how smart they are, it will give them confidence and help them strive to do better.

Don’t quit! Teaching your child mathematics isn’t something that happens overnight. Skills need to stock up in their minds like building blocks and while schools are a primary educator in your child’s life, you are one of the most important!