Students Playing Football
Sports in Hi tech school

Making sports part of the curriculum.

  • Ms. Swathi
  • 1 days ago

It is said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and undoubtedly, this is true. Sports or any form of physical activity is imperative for each one of us and even more so for young kids who go to school.

The way education is being imparted is changing. Earlier, kids used to learn inside the classroom but today, they are learning more outside the four walls of a class.

There was a time when sports or physical activity was just a nominal and small part of a student's life but today, with the increasing awareness about how sports acts as a catalysts for development, schools are consciously trying to merge sports in the curriculum in a big way.

Today, parents also look for educational institutions which have extensive sports infrastructure and faculty. Schools also are trying to keep up with this by developing such infrastructure and a culture where sports is given equal importance when compared to other extracurricular activities.

We might tend to think that sports is necessary to be physically fit but it goes beyond that. Sports not only aids fitness and good physical health, it also helps in keeping the mind fit and calm. A great deal has been written about how sports is important for fitness but another critical reason why sports should be an indispensable part of the lives of young ones is because when a child plays sports he learns to work in a team, play for his team and work hard for his team. He/she also learns how to deal with failure in a better way and develops the quintessential sportsmanship spirit.