Hara Gopal Secretary And Correspondent

Mr. P Hara GopalSecretary and Correspondent

  • Athvelly Village, raghavendra Nagar Near Medchal Court, medchal RR Dist, hyderabad - 501401
  • +91 94928 77069 +91 98484 38877 +91 90001 83111

Ingenious and dynamic, Mr. P Hara Gopal, the pioneer of this vision is the backbone of the Hi-tech group of schools. Starting with a small funding, he has expanded the Group’s operations to multiple sectors including education, agriculture, furniture, hardware, electrical and cement. Known for his superb execution capabilities and hard negotiation skills, he has been able to complete all his projects in record time at minimal cost bringing excellent returns to the investors. It is indeed his years of experience, his determination and perseverance that has led the group to attain such great heights.

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P.Hara Gopal-Secretary and Correspondent
Mr. P Hara Gopal
Secretary and Correspondent
Swathi Pokuri-Director
Swathi Pokuri
Aishwarya Pokuri-Director
Aishwarya Pokuri